I've always been creative, often drawing and painting. I trained as a pastry chef - now I create beautiful peices you can't eat!

I'm a Pisces - a dreamer whose imagination runs wild. I've learned through life to 'go with the flow', causing me to live in the moment, and see where it and art takes me. 

Inspired by nature, the colours and natural beauty that surrounds us, my work recreates the flow of water, the movement of clouds as I see it, not as a still photograph. Memories of places I've been, and events and people in my life, inspire how a piece evolves. 

I started my adult art journey as therapy after a serious illness. It made me feel calm and let me express a lot of emotion, while grounding me. Most of all, it brought me immense joy. 

As my pieces started selling, I realized that joy didn't end there - instead it continued into your homes. From my joy in creating, yours in buying, or the person receiving it as a gift, it creates a chain of joy in a sometimes chaotic and complicated world. 

Art brings and spreads joy. We deserve to surround ourselves with beauty and pieces that inspire us. 

I continue to create and thank each and every one of you who chooses to join me on my art journey of spreading joy!